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On February 23/24, Pastor Diehl gleaned lessons from Tabitha, the seemingly 'insignificant other.'

Pastor Diehl shares Part 3 of our current series, Insignificant Others, by looking at the 'insignificant other' Epaphras. Taught at New Hope on February 16/17.

Seth Drayer of Created Equal presented a seminar on Defending Life: How to Create a Dialogue About Abortion.

Part 1: The Injustice of Abortion
Part 2: The Urgency of Abortion
Part 3: The End of Abortion

If you would prefer to download the files to your computer, follow these links (they are large files, please be patient as the download will take several minutes):

Part 1: The Injustice of Abortion(79 Mb)
Part 2: The Urgency of Abortion(32 Mb)
Part 3: The End of Abortion(81Mb)

InsignificantsLogo.jpgOn February 9/10, Pastor Diehl shared Part 2 in the Insignificant Others series with The Woman Caught in Adultery.

On February 2/3, Pastor Diehl started the 4-week series Insignificant Others by looking at the contributions Asaph made by writing several of the Psalms.

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