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On the weekend of September 20/21, we were blessed with special guests Richard & Sarah Michalski. 

Our team of missionaries to Ind0nesla recently returned, and gave their report on June 25. Listen to the great report from the six team members.

We recently sent a team of eight on a missions trip to the island nation of The Dominican Republic. This is the team's report back to New Hope on their trip.

On May 4/5, Mark Sims, a missionary to France, spoke using the scripture Luke 7:36-39 as a text.

This week, Northeast Indiana Youth For Christ's Executive Director Ken Conrad shared the inspiring message Whatever It Takes.

On September 15/16, Andy W. shared a Missions Emphasis message at New Hope.

On January 14/15, we heard from our missionaries Ch*t & PhyIIis (names changed for security) serving in lnd-0nseia (misspelled for security).

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